JERSEY CITY, NJ | 13 March 2017 — The History on the Run Project invites humanities scholars from all disciplines to help document the current critical moment in American history in a collaborative anthology video series.

Each 15-minute episode of This Moment will feature a collection of short, 2-4 minute, scholar-contributed videos contributed that historicize and contextualize the events, incidents, and crises of this unprecedented moment in American political, social, and cultural history, as they happen. Assembled by Dr. Matthew Friedman and the team at Humanist Media, the videos will be freely available on the Internet, released under a No Derivatives Creative Commons license.

Contributors may submit MP4 or QuickTime MOV video in HD resolution (1080p), shot on a camcorder, smartphone, or webcam, from their offices, or on the scene of an incident or event from this historical moment. Contributors retain their copyright: all submissions will be made under a non-exclusive license for use in This Moment and related projects. No submissions will be edited in any way that alters their sense or meaning.

Journalists have often described their craft as “history on the run,” and for centuries, it has been just that: the first report from the front lines, the first draft of the ever-changing narratives that weave together in history. Today, with the tools of the digital academy at their disposal, historians can analyze, critique, assess, and narrate the past as it happens. History is now nearer than it has ever been. The History on the Run Project mobilizes the full toolkit of digital media and networking to present the past from the perspective of historical scholarship as it becomes history.

All submissions will be fully credited, so please provide all relevant biographical information (name, institutional affiliation, department, academic title) and contact information at the time of submission. Contact Matthew Friedman with any questions, and to find out how to submit your video to This Moment.


Matthew Friedman teaches US History at Rutgers University Newark. He is a former journalist, editor, and producer at The Montreal Gazette, InternetWeek, Wired News, CBC Radio, and CINQ-FM in Montreal. He is the producer of the podcasts No Sounds Are Forbidden and Politics/Talk, both available on iTunes.


Humanist Media creates humanities-related digital media content and films, and offers media and knowledge services tailored to the needs of humanities scholars, departments, and cultural institutions ranging from web hosting and design to media production training.

Matthew Friedman

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